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As the long-standing leader in the upscale casual dining segment, and as a company that is committed to environmentally and socially responsible practices, The Cheesecake Factory is pleased to share our Sustainable Sourcing Policy.

With our reputation for having the largest and most diverse menu in the industry, we knew we needed to develop a robust Sustainable Sourcing Policy that was uniquely ours. We started by identifying and prioritizing our most important ingredients and agricultural materials, which our restaurants rely on to make our dishes from scratch and collectively represent almost 90% of our ingredient purchases. The result of more than a year’s worth of work with numerous stakeholders and partners is the introduction of this Sustainable Sourcing Policy that addresses a number of important areas - from the welfare of the environment and the treatment of livestock to the conditions of the individuals working in and around farms. Our Sustainable Sourcing Policy clearly demonstrates our commitment to best practices within our supply chain and establishes our buying preference for ingredients that are 3rd party certified for sustainability, that are environmentally and socially responsible, that promote animal welfare, and that are traceable back to the source or farm, as feasible and appropriate. We will ensure all practices and guidelines are verified by internal auditing as well as third party auditors.

We realize that we have a very complex supply chain, which will require us to work closely with everyone who is part of it to meet the goals laid out in our Sustainable Sourcing Policy. We recognize that our policy will be an ongoing journey, one where we are continually learning about the opportunities and challenges to securing high quality and sustainable ingredients. With this in mind, we will continue to evaluate and address other important areas of our supply chain and update our guests and stakeholders on our existing commitments and new efforts.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Policy is organized around the three key areas of social, environmental, and animal welfare. Within each area we have identified the goals we plan to accomplish by 2025 (unless an earlier date is otherwise noted) as well as the expectations, standards and guidelines we strive to implement beyond our own operations and towards all actors in our upstream supply chain. We invite you to explore our specific goals for each of these areas below.

As a popular and expanding restaurant company, we plan that any future concepts or businesses acquired and operated by us after January 1st, 2018, will have our animal welfare policy and the requirements of our Sustainability Sourcing Policy and the Sustainability Code of Conduct apply to them under the original timeline of eight years from date of full acquisition and operation by us.