The Kitchen Speaks™

With a menu this big, it may be hard to believe the care and attention we put into all our dishes, but it's true. All our dressings and sauces are made fresh in-house; we grate our own cheese; and we peel, chop, slice and dice our vegetables. We like things fresh, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With so much freshness happening every day, things can get a little crazy for our kitchen tools. Take a peek into our kitchen. Presenting: The Kitchen SpeaksTM.

Close Encounter

The group gets a visit from the creature with seven settings.

The New Guy

So shiny. So dumb. An advanced degree will only get you so far with this group.

Choppin' Blues

A member of the group begins to question what it all means.

Prep for the Prep

Everyone in the group has their own way of getting pumped up for the day.

Favorite Things

The group watches its most enthusiastic employee spiral out of control.


It’s the most wonderful time of year (for some)…new menu items!

Motivational Speech

Whisk gives a super speech followed by a super food.